YAHWEH Beaute’ Inc. was formed…

…in November 2002 when I decided to incorporate myself as a professional model. At that time, I was with various modeling agencies and had been offered opportunities to go further.  But I decided long before not to do certain types of modeling and focus on runway, editorial and print. I grew tired of filling 1099 tax forms and wanted to legitimize my place in an often slimy business. So, in doing so, I desired to have a name that presented me to the world in the most Godly way.  what better way then to have His name. To bare the name of my Creator, Provider, Protector, Inspiration…well, simply, my everything?

YAHWEH was and is one of the Hebrew names for God. It is a name that was highly reverenced and deemed holy by the ancient Hebrew people. So much so that it was rarely written or used. When I was researching names for God, and there are more than 20, I cherished this one the most because no one could ever misunderstand, misinterpret, misidentify or misuse it in ANY way.

YAHWEH, sometimes written as YAH, means Lord in the Hebrew Lexicon

YAH is also written as the word which you find at the end of the word “hallelujah.”  This is why that word is the highest praise you can give to God – the word itself bares His Holy Name: YAH=jAH.

Because of modeling, I added the word beauté with the accent meaning that there was something extra special about this company and that it was nothing ordinary. Beauty has many subjective definitions. However, the beauty that I desired the company to reflect is that of Him and Him Alone. Man looks on the outside, but God looks through the inside out. Beauty stems from an inner peace and spirit that is reflective in a person’s mannerisms, style, speech, swagger and attitude. The beauty that an onlooker sees should be rooted and grounded in one’s complete understanding of who one is, to whom one belongs and for what purpose does on exist.  These three are intertwined so much so that missing one will cause an imbalance in once’s life.

And so, it is that YAHWEH Beaute Inc. is a company born from a foundational need for the World to understand what true beauty is and from whom it originates. Our scripture bases stems from Psalm 90:17 which states:

“And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us;

and establish though the work of our hands upon us;

yea, the work of our hands establish though it.”

Beauty is an all inclusive ideal that speaks to the whole person, not just one’s outer appearance. How one interprets their inner beauty is usually expressed and reflected in their appearance. With this perception in mind, YBINC caters to Christian young women of all ethnicities, backgrounds and age groups who desire to live from within. We are purposed to utilize every talent and gifts to Glorify God, to Evangelize the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to Edify the Body of Christ. By working together, we shall establish God’s Kingdom on Earth. We will utilize our talents and giftings in the arts, public speaking, and mentoring to aid individuals in restructuring their own unique place in God’s Kingdom

We are not just beautiful young women of God, but we are YAHWEH Beautiful:

Women who are grounded in the unadulterated Word of God, enflamed by the Power of the Holy Spirit, covered by the Righteous Blood of Jesus and licensed to do damage on the kingdom of darkness. We are obedient, humble and teachable young women who are developing vessels of honor.

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