This logo was birthed from an unknown place. I had no idea really what I wanted the symbol to be. I knew that I wanted it to represent all that God had endowed within mankind for His good pleasure. I knew that it should encompass what He desired us to become for Him in the building of His Kingdom here on Earth. And so, my dear friend Barney, a divinely skilled graphic artist, was the conduit through which this symbol was birthed.

Female – she is both male and female for she was made in the Godhead’s image and likeness as the scripture states in Genesis 1:26-27. The female is also the birthing canal for mankind; without her, there is no him or her. The desires and needs of God are birthed through her.

Gold – this is the primary color as it represents the majesty, divinity of God; represents the purification of self into Him

Red/Blue/Purple/Gold/White – these are the colors that specifically prescribed by God in Exodus 28 for the garments of the High Priest Aaron as well as for God’s first Earthly dwelling place, Tabernacle of Moses. These colors represent Him! Red means the Blood of the Lamb, Sacrifice, Redemption, Mercy, Atonement.  Blue means Holy Spirit, Heavenly Places, Living Waters, Authority.  Purple means Royalty, Kingship, Priestly nature, Wealth, Inheritance. Gold means Majesty, Shekinah Glory, Purest Essence, Anointing of God. White means Purity, Glory, Holiness, Righteousness, Completion, Innocence.

Facing the Right – she is facing the right because the right hand is that of blessing. We desire the blessing of God upon our life daily .

Symbols in her head – these symbols represent all the ideas, talents and giftings on the inside of her which are illuminated when the presence/anointing of God shines upon her: His beauty is shown through her.

Rays – this is the anointing of God, the shear presence of God, the blessing of God, the pleasing heart of God radiating upon her which exposes His giftings and talents He endowed inside of her. When this happens, it is directed out of her like spears which have sharp points and direct destinations.

            Simply put, Yahweh’s beautiful anointing shines upon each of us to expose to ourselves and the world what giftings/talents He has planted within each of us for the Building up of His Kingdom. His love penetrates our very essence and flows like a river through us only to ooze out of us as sharpen missiles of the Spirit. The missiles have been directed by God’s masterful hand through us into the Earth realm with precision and destiny. They shoot out from us in the Priestly and Kingly revelation in which we live, move and breathe. We are divinely receiving His right hand blessing for this effort in everything that we do because….we do it for His Glory, and not our own.  This is what makes us, Yahweh Beautiful!